Lukas Schimmer

University of Copenhagen QMATH

You may also find my research outputs on my ORCID record and on arXiv.


  1. The Berezin inequality on domains of infinite measure, Bull. Math. Sci. 3(1): 173-182, 2013. Article
  2. Spectral inequalities for Jacobi operators and related sharp Lieb–Thirring inequalities on the continuum, Comm. Math. Phys. 334(1): 473-505, 2015. Preprint, Article
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  6. (with A. Laptev and L. A. Takhtajan) Weyl asymptotics for perturbed functional difference operators, 2019, submitted.

PhD Thesis:

Spectral Inequalities for Discrete and Continuous Differential Operators, Thesis, 2014.

Lecture Notes:

The Stability of Matter in non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Lecture notes for Advanced Mathematical Physics at the University of Copehagen, 2018.


I am the author of two Wikipedia articles on topics related to my research.

Lieb–Thirring inequality

Lieb–Oxford inequality